A look back at songs that mention AOL throughout the years

The 1980s were a wild time for music.

From rock 'n' roll hair bands to the debut of Whitney Houston and the launch of a little-known network named MTV, there was no shortage of history-making tunes, stars and movements that would pave the way for pop culture trends to emerge in the decades that followed.

The '80s also gave birth to the internet when AOL was founded in 1985, setting the stage for a digital revolution that would change the way we all lived our lives — including how we listened to music.

As a household staple in the '90s and early 2000s, AOL became a go-to as a popular song reference, forever ingraining the internet pioneer in pop culture and our ears, alike.

Here's a look back at our favorite songs and lyrics that mention the beloved website.

"Bug a Boo" by Destiny's Child

I wanna put your number on the call block
Have AOL make my email stop
Cause you a bug a boo
You buggin' what? You buggin' who? You buggin' me!

"No Reason" by Lil Wayne

I'm forever Piru
I'm forever connected like AOL and Yahoo, okay

"No Bystanders" by Travis Scott

Heartbreak hotel
Bet you can't take no L's
Plug like AOL
Who say that I ain't gon' sell?

"Everybody's on the Phone" by Jimmy Buffett

Give me a call
I'm ADD on AOL and tryin' to read
The writing on the wall

"How Da Beat Goes on" by Will Smith

AOL, search Will Smith thousands of sites
And at the club, hands clapping toes tapping
Sucker I'm the greatest thing ever happen