Goldie Hawn says she cries '3 times a day' due to COVID-19 pandemic

Goldie Hawn is one of Hollywood's most bubbly entertainers, but even she can't help feeling upset about the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We're very, very lucky and I'm incredibly grateful, but what I do feel is a tremendous angst, a tremendous sadness," Hawn, 74, revealed during a virtual interview on "Good Morning Britain."

The Oscar winner, who is quarantined with her longtime love, Kurt Russell, 69, said she's concerned about the mental health of those who are struggling in quarantine.

"The people that really I'm worried and concerned about are the people that are actually incarcerated, or they feel that they are, in their apartments. It's not a house. It doesn't have a garden they can go out into," she said.

"I find that every day, honestly, I cry probably three times a day because it hurts me to think that there is abuse going on, there's anger going on and this all has to do with confinement, fear, uncertainty (about) what is going to happen. It's catastrophizing," she added.

Still, the legendary funny lady can't help but try to make people smile.

The actress, who founded MindUP, a mental health program for children, in 2003, issued a "laughing challenge" to her Instagram followers this week. Calling laughter "the best medicine" for decreasing stress, Hawn asked fans to share videos of themselves giggling using the hashtag #laughingchallenge.

"Even in the most difficult of times, a laugh can go a long way toward making you feel better,⁣" she wrote in her caption.

Hawn also lifted spirits — literally! — when she shared a hilarious video of herself exercising on a mini-trampoline last week. "My crazy @mindup mindful movement for today," she wrote in the caption. "Dance, jump and twirl like nobody's watching."