Cole Sprouse’s latest photoshoot under fire after fans notice lookalike


Cole Sprouse rarely posts photos of himself.

The “Riverdale” star usually reserves his social media real estate for subjects of his own photography, like his famous friends and his co-star girlfriend, Lili Reinhart.

On May 20, though, he took to Instagram to share some socially distanced snaps taken by Alex Hainer — and people were quick to criticize them.

He debuted a “polarizing” new look in early May, but that’s not why people have been speaking out.

One Twitter user pointed out that Sprouse bears a striking resemblance to Terrence Howard in the photos — and many commenters agreed.

In fact, so many people agreed that the words “Terrence Howard” trended on Twitter for much of the morning.

“Certainly looks like a young Terrence Howard to me,” one Twitter user wrote.

Some claimed the photo was an example of blackfishing — or enhancing one’s features through makeup, tanning or hairstyles to appear as if you have Black heritage.

“If y’all said Bhad Bhabie was black fishing y’all HAVE to say he is also black fishing it’s only fair,” another user said.

Other fans thought he was rocking the new look.

“Hold up … Wait a minute! That’s Cole Sprouse?! ” one user wrote. “Why he lookin like a man all of a sudden and a fine one at that?”

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