What’s going on in the background of J. Lo’s latest selfie?

Jennifer Lopez is always serving looks on Instagram, but her latest snap has drawn more attention than usual.

The triple threat shared a photo in sportswear in her home gym on May 16, and she looks great, but her followers were quick to point out what they believe to be a man in the background.

Here’s the mysterious figure in question:

Credit: Instagram./JenniferLopez

And here’s an even closer look:

Credit: Instagram./JenniferLopez

Fans reasoned that it might be a trainer in a mask, or even her notoriously supportive fiancé Alex Rodriguez covering his mouth.

“WTF who is that behind you looking REALLY scared with a mask on??” one user wrote.

“Who’s that guy tied up in the back??”another user joked.

“The guy in the background is scary!” a third said.

Lopez hasn’t responded to her concerned fans’ questions yet, but she’s in good spirits. She shared another post on May 19 telling her followers “it’s a good week to have a good week.”

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