Unspeakably creepy movie ‘Midsommar’ gets an Animal Crossing makeover


If last year’s summer festival cult flick “Midsommar” was a little too creepy for you, we have good news.

YouTube user Brian Hwu, who posts under the account Evil Imp, recreated the movie in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and though the cult rituals and slow-burning psychological drama remain, it’s definitely a whole lot cuter.

“Midsommar: Animal Crossing New Horizons follows a group of friends who travel to a deserted island for a festival that occurs once every 90 years, only to find themselves in the clutches of savage animals,” Hwu wrote in the video description.

His recreation opens a bit more dramatically than the original version, though, starting with the intense human sacrifice scene inside a mysterious yellow barn that closes out the movie.

The Animal Crossing version is toned down — there are certainly little fires throughout the barn, but, well, no people are on fire.

Hwu’s version of protagonist Dani Ardor, played by Florence Pugh in the film, wanders through the scene with a blank expression, then joins a flock of similarly-dressed animals who react to the burning as her poker face transforms into a sinister smile.

OK, maybe it’s still extremely creepy, but the scariest part is definitely how accurate it is.

YouTube commenters loved Hwu’s interpretation.

“I love how ACNH is such a cute relaxed game and then the fandom is just feral and crazy,” one said.

“This deserves an Oscar for Best Picture,” another wrote.

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