Jason Derulo seems to chip front teeth eating corn in shocking TikTok video: Watch!

First Cats now this? It's been a tough year for Jason Derulo who took to TikTok on Tuesday to share an epic life hack gone wrong.

In the clip, the 30-year-old "Talk Dirty" singer attaches corn on the cob to a drill, saying, "Hey, have y'all seen this? I've always wanted to try it. Life hack."

He then proceeds to open his mouth and try to eat the corn as the drill spins it around. Part way through, he lets out a yell before showing his teeth -- or lack there of -- to the camera.

The video shows that Derulo's front two teeth have been chipped from the experiment.

"Don’t try this 😭😭," Derulo captioned the clip on Instagram.

Chrissy Teigen reposted the video on her own Instagram account, writing, "jathon dururo," and adding, "I feel like I made this exact joke before lol. I love him so much ever since lip sync battle, he is epic and so talented lol. damn my video of jason derulo got more views than my own videos lol."

Of course fans immediately wanted to know if the video was real or fake with some paparazzi photos showing the singer apparently out and with a full set of teeth after the clip posted online.

This isn't the first time Derulo has caused a stir online. Back in December his underwear pic caused him to have another viral moment. At the time, he spoke with ET's Rachel Smith about the photo. Watch the exclusive interview below: