Jason Derulo ate corn with a power drill and supposedly chipped his teeth


These days, “Trumpets” singer Jason Derulo is something of a TikTok star. On his account, which has 20.4 million followers and counting, he loves to post videos of his dog Ice and try fun viral trends with his friends.

On May 19, Derulo decided to give one of the many viral TikTok food hacks a try. This one involves using a power drill to eat corn on the cob quickly and effortlessly.

“Hey have y’all seen this? I’ve always wanted to try it. Life hack,” Derulo says at the beginning of the video while holding a power drill with a piece of corn attached to it. He then proceeds to eat the corn with the drill — and while all is well for a few seconds, eventually the power drill appears to painfully chip Derulo’s front teeth.

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Don’t try this 😭😭

A post shared by Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo) on May 19, 2020 at 5:32pm PDT

Though it’s entirely possible that Derulo was just pranking his followers — in less than 24 hours after the corn TikTok, he posted a video with his pearly whites looking good as new — people thought toothless “Jathon Derulo” was hilarious.

“Pleathe tell me your teeth are ok jathon,” one person joked.

“Thalk thirty thoo me,” another user added.

“New song coming out: Called ‘Whatcha Thay,'” a third person quipped.

Whether or not Derulo’s chipped teeth are real, please don’t try using a power drill to eat your corn on the cob.

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