Nick Cordero's wife Amanda Kloots celebrates a 'small win' amid husband's coronavirus fight


Nick Cordero is continuing to fight the coronavirus in the hospital. On Monday, Cordero's wife Amanda Kloots took to her Instagram Story to reveal that he is continuing to make progress amid his health battle.

"I just got off the phone with the doctor and there was a little bit of good news," she said. "They pulled out less secretions today from Nick's lungs than the last time they cleaned him out. So that is great news just because any time they go in there and there's less than before is good."

"So I'm gonna take that and I'm going to run with that for tonight and I'm going to celebrate that small win," she added.

Prior to her Instagram Story video, Kloots shared a throwback pic with her husband, along with a new hashtag for his fans.

"I really miss this guy. It’s day 49 in the hospital for Nick," she wrote. "We have a new hashtag #offthevent because our new goal for Nick is for his lung infection to clear up so that we can start breathing trials and get him off the ventilator!"

"These are big goals, but I BELIEVE! We have an army behind him that cheered, sang and prayed for him to wake up so now we need to believe that this to can happen!" Kloots added. "He’s not done! #coderocky"

Kloots' first hashtag amid Cordero's COVID-19 fight was #WakeUpNick, which encouraged her husband to wake up from his coma. That finally happened last week and Kloots celebrated her husband's positive turn on social media.

"We just got a confirmation from the doctor that Nick is awake, he is hearing us, he is seeing us," she said. "He is still super, super weak. He's not talking or looking left and right, but acknowledging commands."

Cordero was first hospitalized for pneumonia and later tested positive for the coronavirus. He has since tested negative.

The Broadway actor had to have his right leg amputated due to ongoing blood clotting complications and has undergone a tracheostomy, which was one step toward getting him off a ventilator. He is still fighting a lot of infection in his lungs, which Kloots said is the "overlying issue at the moment."


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