Noah Cyrus tearfully reflects on ‘absolutely unbearable’ time in sister Miley’s shadow

Noah Cyrus opened up about the dark side of growing up in the spotlight in her new EP, “The End of Everything.”

The singer candidly reflected on her life in the shadow of her older sister, Miley Cyrus.

She took to Instagram Live to address pointed lyrics in her new song, “Young & Sad.”

“My sister’s like sunshine, bringing good light wherever she’ll go/and I was born to rain clouds, blessed in her shadows,” Noah sang on the track.

She said that as a child, everyone gave her a “hard time for having a hard time” being Miley’s little sister.

“But you know, I always felt like I was that person that no one gave a s—about due to what people said to me online,” she continued. “It was absolutely unbearable … everybody always says to me, that no matter what, I was going to be in that shadow.”

Noah said she “always believed” she wouldn’t be good enough to step out of Miley’s shadow.

“That was something I heard my whole life, every single day,” she explained. “Sometimes I feel like I don’t even breathe right sometimes.”

As she began to tear up, Noah said she wanted to open up about her struggle “once and for all,” but said she “probably won’t talk about it anymore.”

“Everybody always says you’re giving the people power by seeing it, but I can’t control seeing it,” she added. “You guys are young, you know the internet. It’s been really tough on me, so that song is just pretty tough to get through.”

Miley has shown support for her younger sister in the past, giving her tips for a life spent under constant scrutiny. She’s been open about her struggle with anxiety and depression for years.

“I always tell Noah, keep your Instagram comments turned off,” Miley said during a 2017 Elvis Duran podcast recording. “Never read anything that anyone says about you. Don’t Google yourself.”

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