Nick Cordero’s wife says he’s still fighting infection in lungs as she plans to get COVID-19 antibodies test


While Nick Cordero has made significant progress in his battle against COVID-19, the Broadway star still has some obstacles to overcome on the road to recovery. His wife, Amanda Kloots, continued to update fans on Thursday in an Instagram Live session.

The dancer and fitness instructor kicked things off with a jumprope routine before giving fans an update on her husband's condition.

"He's doing well, mental status is really coming along, which is fantastic," the often-positive Kloots shared. "We're still dealing with a lot of infection in his lungs, so that is the overlying issue at the moment -- infection in the lungs that we've just gotta get under control for Nick so that he can fully get the ventilator out of the trach and get off the ventilator and then he can also get off dialysis. We're just waiting for that. The doctors, again, and nurses are doing the best they can. They're amazing. Every day they're on top of this lung situation."

In addition to getting regular updates on her husband's condition, Kloots is also checking her own antibodies to see if there are signs that she too had the coronavirus at one point.

"I am going to go get my antibodies tested today," she shared. "This will be interesting, actually, to see. I did get a COVID test, the swab in the nose, and it came back negative, but this will be interesting to see if I did have it and if I now have the antibodies or if I didn't."

After Cordero's challenging struggle with the virus, which had him in a coma and required him to amputate his leg, Kloots is surprised that neither she nor their 11-month-old son Elvis suffered from COVID-19 symptoms.

"You know, it's hard to believe that I didn't get it because Nick and I are living in this small environment and it's just so crazy to think that he got it and I didn't," she noted. "Maybe I did and I was asymptotic or maybe I didn't. We don't know where Nick got COVID from so we've been trying to figure it out and trying to figure out where it could possibly be. And we don't know, but this antibodies test will be very interesting."

As fans across the globe continue to root for Cordero, he made impressive progress this week when Kloots announced that he had officially woken up from his coma and was responding to commands. She is still unable to visit him in the hospital due to safety concerns, but has FaceTimed with him regularly.

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