Alexis Ren 'starting to be more private' with her love life amid Noah Centineo split: 'I have to be more careful'


Alexis Ren has a learned a lot from having her romantic relationships covered in the media over the years.

The 23-year-old model burst onto the scene alongside longtime boyfriend Jay Alvarez in 2014, with their picture-perfect romance essentially inventing #RelationshipGoals for millions of followers. The pair broke up in 2016 and, two years later, Ren’s love life was back in the spotlight during a short-lived romance with “Dancing With the Stars” partner, Alan Bersten.

Most recently, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit alum made headlines for her relationship with Noah Centineo. The couple dated for several months before reportedly splitting in March.

Noah Centineo and Alexis Ren in October 2019. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Several weeks after Ren and Centineo’s breakup, In The Know’s Gibson Johns interviewed Ren for her collab with Sonya Dakar, where she opened up about what she’s learned from her relationships being dissected by the media throughout her career and how that attention has changed the way she’s presenting her personal life to her fans.

“I’m starting to be more private about my relationships. And that just proved [to] me to implement that more, because it’s really hard when people have opinions about you,” Ren explained. “But it’s even harder when you know people are having opinions about where your heart is. That’s really hard.”

“I just learned to take everything with a grain of salt and move really slowly in that area of my life, because people care so much about my personal life, and I appreciate it,” she went on. “But then people also have opinions about my personal life, and that’s where I try to draw the line. It always gets lost in the media, you know? The media just wants a story that has people click on it. They’re not really aware of your heart, in that sense.”

In the end, the “Come Back” singer has come to the conclusion that she just needs to “be more careful” when it comes to what she does and doesn’t share with the world.

“I reminded myself I have to be more careful, more careful, more careful,” Ren said to ITK. “So yeah, that was my lesson, is to be careful.”

Of course, that’s easier said than done, but Ren did reveal the helpful way that she’s been able to deal with millions of people’s opinions on her every move — whether it’s giving unprovoked feedback on her love life or criticizing her for any sort of imperfection she may have.

“I always tell people, I’m like, ‘Don’t worry. I will always put more pressure on myself than anyone else in the world,'” Ren said. “What I try to do is implement it into me becoming a better person and not striving to be a perfect person. […] My big thing, because I’m a huge people pleaser, is learning how to step away from their opinions.”

“Whenever I’m getting affected by people’s opinions, I’ll visualize me, and there’s a glass wall. And then all of these opinions are getting thrown at the wall, and then I step to the side of the wall. And I’m like, ‘OK, that’s not me,'” she added. “I did that a lot with ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ and I did that a lot with Sports Illustrated simply because I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m doing these things, and this is great. But it’s still not me. And these titles are not me.'”

Listen to our full interview with Alexis Ren, where she talks about her time on “Dancing With the Stars,” honoring her late mother, how she deals with the pressure to be “perfect” and more, below:

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