This is heavy! See the 'Back to the Future' cast's remote reunion

It was more than 1.21 jigawatts of fun when the cast of "Back to the Future" got together to discuss the legendary film franchise.

The second installment of "Reunited Apart with Josh Gad" featured the "Frozen" actor hosting a remote reunion with several of the film's stars. Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and Elisabeth Shue all joined in to reminisce about the classic series.

"One particular movie from 1985 has managed to capture our hearts and imagination perhaps more than any other," Gad said in the beginning of the episode.

Fox, who was already known for starring on "Family Ties" when the original film came out, became a full-blown superstar after playing Marty McFly in "Back to the Future," while Lloyd cemented his place in pop culture history for his portrayal as the eccentric and brilliant Doc Brown.

Michael J. Fox reminisces about his 'Back to the Future' success
Michael J. Fox reminisces about his 'Back to the Future' success


"He feels accepted with the doc. And it's just a friendship," Fox said about the bond their characters shared.

"Doc's a mentor. I think Marty's intrigued by the weird stuff I do," Lloyd said.

Thompson said she never could have imagined the staying power the film would have.

"I didn't really have any idea that this movie would still have people that want to talk about it. That's so incredible" Thompson said.

BACK TO THE FUTURE, Lea Thompson, Michael J. Fox, 1985, (c)Universal/courtesy Everett Collection
BACK TO THE FUTURE, Lea Thompson, Michael J. Fox, 1985, (c)Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

Courtesy Everett Collection

Screenwriter Bob Gale and writer-director Robert Zemeckis also joined the reunion, as did Mary Steenburgen, who played Doc's love interest in the third film in the series. Composer Alan Silvestri and Huey Lewis, who wrote and performed the iconic "The Power of Love," were also there.

"Feels like it was just yesterday," Zemeckis said about seeing everyone again.

In addition to talking about the film, the cast read some of the most well-known lines from the franchise.

Lloyd and Fox recited the exchange when Doc discovers Lorraine has developed a crush on Marty instead of his father, George, leading to Marty declaring, "This is heavy," a phrase that 1955 Doc can't comprehend.

Thompson and Fox then re-created the scene where Marty wakes up in Lorraine's bedroom in 1955, while Gad played George (Crispin Glover was not part of the reunion) in a scene with Lorraine where he approaches her and declares, "I'm your density."

Fox and Lloyd also recited the lines from when Marty returned to 1955 from alternate 1985.

Famed director and "Back to the Future" fan J.J. Abrams made an appearance.

"It's a perfect movie," he said.

While there are no plans for another film in the series, Gad wondered what kind of scenario everyone envisioned about where (or, more appropriately, when) Marty and Doc would go on another adventure.

"I'd like it to go back to, like, January where they could warn us about the coronavirus," Thompson said, eliciting laughs.