The way Kylie Jenner cuts cake has people ‘disturbed’

Kylie Jenner faces constant criticism for the way she looks, dresses and lives — and now the way she cuts cake is under fire.

The beauty mogul took to her Instagram story to show off the olive oil cake she received in honor of Mother’s Day.

Credit: Instagram / KylieJenner

The dessert had a tiny triangular slice missing. It’s a bit crooked and doesn’t extend to the center of a cake as slices usually do.

She immediately noticed comments about the off-center slice and clapped back by jokingly cutting a circular piece from the middle to make things worse.

Credit: Instagram / KylieJenner

“People were very disturbed I cut my cake how I did so this is for those people,” Jenner wrote in her post.

Fans weren’t happy with her technique.

“The way Kylie Jenner cut that olive oil cake on her Instagram story is making my skin crawl,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Sweetie thats not the right way to cut a cake,” another said.

Though her cake cutting strategy might be a bit cringeworthy, scientifically speaking, it still tastes the same.

One thing is for sure, though — there’s nothing as sweet as a good clapback.

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