Singer Bryan Adams unleashes coronavirus rant, blames canceled gigs on ‘bat eating’ wet markets

Singer Bryan Adams unleashes coronavirus rant, blames canceled gigs on ‘bat eating’ wet markets

Canadian singer Bryan Adams posted an expletive-ridden rant about his concerts that were canceled by the coronavirus pandemic.

Adams shared a video of himself playing his 1983 hit “Cuts Like a Knife” on a guitar on Instagram Monday morning. In the caption, he bemoaned a series of canceled concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in London, blaming it on wet market vendors.

“Tonight was supposed to be the beginning of a tenancy of gigs at the Royal Albert Hall, but thanks to some f—ing bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy bastards, the whole world is now on hold, not to mention the thousands that have suffered or died from this virus,” he wrote.

Some people believe wet markets in Wuhan, China, were the the original source of coronavirus. A wet market is a type of live-produce vendor that gets its name from its wet floors. However, there is no confirmed connection between COVID-19 and the Wuhan wet markets.

“My message to them other than “thanks a f—ing lot” is go vegan,” Adams added.

Due to the social distancing and shelter-in-place rules enacted in many countries, most concerts, sports events, movie premieres and other large gatherings have been prohibited.

“To all the people missing out on our shows, I wish I could be there more than you know. It’s been great hanging out in isolation with my children and family, but I miss my other family, my band, my crew and my fans. Take care of yourselves and hope we can get the show on the road again soon,” Adams said.

Adams’ post immediately drew criticism on social media, and became trending on Twitter on Monday night.

The musician rose to fame in Canada and the United States with his 1983 album “Cuts Like a Knife” and 1984 album “Reckless.” His music has received 15 Grammy nominations and his songwriting for films has gotten five Golden Globe nods and three Academy Award nominations.