Fans call out Kim Kardashian over controversial Mother's Day post: 'Why is it always about being thin'

Leave it to Kim Kardashian to turn a touching Mother’s Day post into something problematic.

On Saturday, May 9, the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star posted a Mother’s Day tribute to Kris Jenner and shared with her 169 million followers how she was able to track down some old, never-before-seen photos from the ’70s for her mom.

“This is an early Mother’s Day post for my mom! The best mom in the entire world!” Kim wrote. “I couldn’t wait to give her her gift! I live for sentimental gifts and was so excited when I found the wedding photographer Alfred Garcia who shot her and my dads wedding back in 1978. I purchased the camera he used on their wedding day and the photos and made an album for her. She never had those photos so to see them brought out so many happy tears! Happy Mother’s Day mom I love you beyond!”

Kim’s moving Mother’s Day gift wasn’t the issue. Rather, the issue was her closing statement as well as one of the photos she chose to post to Instagram.

“The first pic I posted of you in the bikini after you gave birth to Rob is MAJOR GOALS!!! Always in everything you do!!!!!” Kim wrote.

Many people found Kim’s celebration of her mom’s post-baby body to be tone-deaf.

“Why do we base GOALS on how skinny a woman can get after birthing a human?” one person said.

“Why is it always about being thin?” another user added. “People: Size of your body does NOT equal your worth.”

“What a deep and meaningful message she sent to you,” a third person wrote. “Stay thin. That’s all.”

Though being healthy, happy and confident is always worth celebrating, people were generally just upset that Kim seemed to think her mom’s body was the best thing about her.

“Tell what you love about your mom. Is it her caring? Her understanding? Her boundless love for you? Nope, she got skinny and tan after four babies!! GOALS,” one Twitter user commented.

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