'Summer House' stars reveal if quarantine has affected their wedding plans: 'It's just bizarre!'

Season 4 of "Summer House" — undoubtedly the Bravo show's best effort yet — came to an end this week, leaving fans looking forward to what's next for the cast of New Yorkers: Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula's wedding.

The longtime couple, who got engaged on last year's season 3 finale, has seen their fair share of ups and downs on "Summer House," but they've persevered and, as viewers learned this season, they set a wedding date for this fall.

When they set their nuptials for September 18, however, they never could've predicted that the world would go into lockdown this spring, foiling the wedding plans of many.

So, how has quarantine — and the lack of a firm end date in sight —affected the "Summer House" stars' wedding plans? Kyle and Amanda shared some updates on the matter during a recent interview with In The Know's Gibson Johns.

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"Right now, the wedding is scheduled for September 18. But it's still uncertain as to when the world will actually open up again and things will start getting somewhat back to normal," Amanda told ITK. "So, it's weird to try to plan for a wedding that you're not sure is actually going to take place on that date but, at the same time, we're trying to stay optimistic and move forward in case things do work out. But it's just bizarre!"

Kyle added that "there are also certain things that we needed to do that we can't do at the moment," like Amanda's wedding dress shopping. Even the couple's plans for their save the date cards were spoiled, forcing them to check in with their intended guests to find out where they're quarantining.

"We literally sent out the save the dates at a time where everyone had, particularly in New York, just peaced out," Kyle said, with Amanda adding that they "had to find quarantine addresses for everyone."

Even though they were ultimately able to get save the dates sent out to the correct places, there's still a huge chance that Kyle and Amanda's wedding doesn't happen in September, with the couple sharing that they'd rather postpone their celebration than have a smaller, socially-distanced wedding.

"I would prefer to push it back. I mean, I feel like we're going to be able to have a wedding one time together and, even if we get married legally before that, and still do this thing..." Amanda trailed off. "Kyle loves to throw a good party!"

"The challenge here," Kyle added. "[is that] we don't know what the new normal's going to be."

There's one question, of course, that all "Summer House" fans have been wondering since the couple got engaged on camera: Who are they going to invite from the cast? While Kyle and Amanda refused to name names, they all but confirmed that the entire cast is invited — minus new additions Luke Gulbranson and Jules Daoud.

"Everyone that has been on more than one season is definitely invited thus far. Again, we are trying to slim down our list as much as we can. We meet so many people all the time," Amanda explained. "We want the people at our wedding to be people that have been in our lives for a decent amount of time, and we truly feel will continue to be in our life."

Plus, "every single person that comes is going to be very expensive. So we can't just invite everyone we've ever met."

Listen to our full interview with Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula below, and catch up on all four seasons of "Summer House" only on Bravo.

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