Morgan Stewart defends influencers from 'nastiness' amid quarantine: 'This is just not the time'

According to Morgan Stewart, there are bigger fish to fry when it comes to calling out influencers for posting questionable content during quarantine.

The co-host of E!’s “Nightly Pop,” who thinks of herself as “television personality mixed with influencer,” sounded off on the hate levied at the likes of Arielle Charnas in recent weeks, examples of which aren’t hard to track down.

“There’s no kind of guidebook or rule book. You’re not supposed to always know the right thing to do. And there’s been a lot of nastiness online towards fellow influencers,” Stewart said during a recent interview with In The Know’s Gibson Johns. “There’s been a lot of hate, a lot of nastiness, a lot of unintentional missteps that some people have done. And people have just been torn down for it.”

“I’m like, ‘Guys, this is just not the time to do that,'” she added.

While the “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” alum defended her fellow influencers, Stewart made sure not to lump herself in with those of whom have been called out by followers for inappropriate conduct during quarantine.

“Talking [about] the influencers that have kind of been chastised and really come for, I feel like, for whatever reason, knock on wood, people, give me a little bit more of a free pass,” she said. “I’m showing privilege. I’m showing a lot of the things that people are getting called out for right now and, for some reason, people don’t turn on me because of that, so I’ve gotten very lucky.”

In fact, the past few weeks have proven to be quite the opposite for the famously divisive E! personality, who has never been shy about sharing her true opinions on hot topics in the world of celebrity. Just a few weeks into quarantine, Stewart made use of resources at the factory that produces her Morgan Stewart Sport apparel to start producing masks, 7,500 of which she donated to the UCLA relief fund to help fight COVID-19.

Listen to Morgan Stewart discuss her decision to take action during the pandemic below:

“I’m somebody that always wants to be involved and on the forefront of these things and take action and in a way that’s helpful, but I always am so busy with other things that I always feel a little bit overwhelmed and want to make sure whatever impact I’m trying to make is going to actually help people,” Stewart said.

“I was tossing around the ideas with the team from Morgan Stewart Sport, and they had surgical masks in the factory already because, when the workers are making the leggings and the bras and stuff, they have to wear them,” she went on. “It was just this perfect, organic moment that just came together.”

“Everybody just sort of breathed this sigh of relief,” Stewart added. “I was so happy to be able to help in that capacity, so we got in touch with UCLA and we were able to drop off 7,500 masks, which I was so happy about.”

Catch Morgan Stewart on “Nightly Pop” Monday and Thursday nights on E!. “Daily Pop” returns weekdays on May 11 on E! at 12:30 p.m. EST.

Listen to In The Know’s full interview with Morgan Stewart below:

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