How did we just now notice this ‘High School Musical’ mistake?

It’s safe to say that calling out previously unnoticed mistakes in old movies and shows is all the rage.

A TikTok user noticed a hilarious wardrobe mishap in an episode of “Gossip Girl,” a Twitter user spotted some bizarre editing in Disney’s “Splash,” “Harry Potter” fans freaked out about a strange forgotten scene — and so on.

In keeping with the trend, another TikTok user, who goes by the name senpaisaysimmain, noticed a minor mishap in “High School Musical.”

Toward the end of the movie, the shy Gabriella, played by Vanessa Hudgens, freezes on stage as she is about to perform.

Just as she prepares to walk away, Zac Efron’s Troy gives her a pep talk — and it works. The song starts over and he begins to sing, leading her through the song.

Senpaisaysimmain pointed out a problem with that reasoning — Gabriella was clearly supposed to sing the first part of the song when she got nervous earlier. Otherwise, Troy would have just started singing without her, and they would have had to stop the song to calm her nerves.

It’s possible they could have switched the parts without discussing it, but considering how much they had to practice their performance throughout the movie, that seems unlikely.

Some TikTok users agreed that this was a mistake.

“I have always thought about this,” one wrote.

“This has always bothered me,” another said.

Others said it made sense that Troy sang first, even if they had to switch parts.

“He clearly did it because she was nervous,” one user said.

“To calm her nerves he started to sing to her and she started getting comfortable. Nothing wrong with that,” another wrote.

Some begged senpaisaysimmain to just leave the classic movie alone.

“It hurts my heart when people roast this movie … this is my life,” one user wrote.

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