Chrissy Teigen shows off stomach rolls in 'supportive' video: 'You made me feel so much better'


Now that everyone is spending virtually all of their time at home, wearing uncomfortable jeans has become a thing of the past. (Why bother wearing denim when you can be comfortable in some loungewear? Nobody can see the bottom half of you on Zoom anyway!)

As it turns out, even celebrities have ditched denim amid quarantine. And on April 30, Chrissy Teigen — the internet’s favorite model — took to Twitter to share an update on how her old jeans are fitting. (Spoiler alert: Not well.)

“First jeans in 6 weeks everything’s fine over here,” Chrissy captioned a video of herself trying on some ill-fitting jeans. “They’re perfect,” she jokes as she lifts up her shirt to reveal her sucked-in stomach.

People found Chrissy’s video refreshingly honest and relatable.

“OMG. Thank you. This is the single most supportive woman thing anyone’s done for me this week,” one person commented.

“Ugh girl you made me feel so much better,” another user added. “I literally cried this morning when I could barely fit in my jeans.”

“I made the mistake of weighing myself today,” a third person commiserated. “Ignorance was BLISS.”

Chrissy has always been a pioneer in the body positivity movement. Not long ago, she expertly clapped back at body shamers who told her she looked too square in a swimsuit pic. We stan a relatable queen!

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