Anderson Cooper reveals his ex Benjamin Maisani will be a co-parent to his newborn son Wyatt


Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani may not be together anymore, but that doesn't mean Maisani isn't a part of Cooper's newborn son Wyatt's life. In fact, Maisani's going to serve as a co-parent to Wyatt.

During his virtual Late Show With Stephen Colbert appearance on Monday night, the 52-year-old CNN host revealed that Maisani is "going to be a co-parent to Wyatt even though we're not together anymore."

"He's my family, and I want him to be Wyatt's family as well," Cooper revealed.

In fact, Maisani was in the delivery room with Cooper and their surrogate when Wyatt was born. Cooper and Maisani split in March 2018 after going public with their relationship in 2015.

At the time of the breakup news, Cooper told ET in a statement, "Benjamin and I separated as boyfriends some time ago. We are still family to each other, and love each other very much."

On Monday night, Cooper, who has already publicly shared some sweet dad moments, couldn't help but gush about his newest role.

"It's extraordinary. It's astonishing. I just stare at him and hold him and I just can't believe. I just can't believe that A) he's going to depend on me and that he belongs to me, that he's here," he said. "I've always dreamed about it, but I never thought I would actually be able to do it. It's just incredible."

He described the change in his life like, "tectonic plates shifting except it doesn't leave you in rubble."

He's also joined the parenting club by partaking in a time-honored tradition.

"I actually discovered coffee. I can't believe I've gone this long without coffee. I tried once or twice on TV a cup of coffee and I just didn't see the point, but now I totally get it," he said. "And now I think I'm addicted because it snaps your mind into focus. I wake up thinking, I mean, I think of my son first, but caffeine is a close second."

Wyatt is also connected to Cooper's longtime pal Andy Cohen and his 1-year-old son, Benjamin, in a special way.

"He's actually really helped me because my son is entirely wearing hand-me-downs from Andy Cohen's son," Cooper revealed. "A) I'm inherently cheap, I like a good value... first of all, it's a pandemic. I was planning on going shopping, which I hate to do and then online shopping, how do you do that for baby clothes? Do you go to BuyBuyBaby or Amazon? I don't know. It just seemed weird. So yeah, he just gave me all the clothes. I wanted my son to be like a Depression-Era child who grows up wearing hand-me-down clothes."

Cooper's pal Cohen recently revealed that clothes aren't the only thing Wyatt and Benjamin are sharing.

“The moment Anderson announced it, I got a bunch of DMs from eagle-eared Radio Andy listeners saying, ‘Wait, is that where your nanny went?’ Yes, that’s where my nanny went!” Cohen said on Radio Andy on Monday.

“We had long planned this transition, but I certainly didn’t expect it to happen during a quarantine,” he added. “So, we had to handle this hand-off from one home to the next very carefully. She is now with Anderson and I know she’s going to get Wyatt on a great sleep schedule just like she got Ben. I’m so happy for Anderson.”

For more on Cooper's newborn son, watch the clip below:

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