Nick Cordero making positive progress after tracheostomy, wife Amanda Kloots says


Nick Cordero seems to be on the road to recovery.

The Broadway star's wife, Amanda Kloots, offered a new update on her husband's condition on Sunday, following his tracheostomy. Cordero recently underwent the procedure, which is one step towards getting him off a ventilator as he continues to fight complications from coronavirus.

"Good morning, everybody. I just wanted to give you a quick little Nick update," Kloots said on her Instagram Story. "He is doing OK. His [ventilator] settings are down, which is good. That's a really great sign that his breathing is going well."

"Yesterday was just basically a day of getting adjusted to the trach and seeing how he’s doing with it and kind of leveling out these settings," she added. "He's doing well, so I'm just hoping for another day of rest and recovery for Nick. I think the more days he has of this might help his brain to wake up."

Cordero is in a medically-induced coma and had to have his right leg amputated due to ongoing blood-clotting complications from coronavirus. Friday marked 30 days since Cordero has been in the intensive care unit. He was first hospitalized for pneumonia and then tested positive for the coronavirus.

The father of one has since tested negative for COVID-19, however, Kloots revealed on Thursday that her husband's lungs have been "severely damaged" due to the respiratory disease. She said on her Instagram Story that it was so bad that Cordero's lungs had holes in them.

Despite his ups and downs over the past week, Kloots is maintaining hope that her husband will soon wake up. See more in the video below.


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