Kim Kardashian under fire for latest makeup tutorial

As the owner of a beauty empire, Kim Kardashian West isn’t afraid to hop on social media and show her fans how her look comes together.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star shared a video of herself getting ready — and her followers quickly noticed there was something a bit off about the footage.

“Don’t judge me for my pale hand,” she said in an Instagram story video as she applied lip gloss.

There is a noticeable difference between the shade of makeup on her face and her hand’s skin tone.

It’s possible Kardashian West isn’t tanning as much as she usually does because she’s spending more time inside due to social distancing guidelines, but of course, people had thoughts about why she needs to tan so much.

Many claimed the photo was an example of blackfishing — or enhancing her appearance through makeup and hairstyles to appear as if you have Black heritage.

“Why doesn’t she wear her actual skin color instead of getting shades too dark for her? Questions needs answers,” one Twitter user said.

“She’s so in denial of her true skin color,” another wrote.

Others didn’t see the video was that big of a deal.

“Yeah it doesn’t match her hands but don’t make this what it isn’t,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I think she meant that her hand looks lighter than face e.g. her foundation [probably] doesn’t match her hand,” another said.

Kardashian West hasn’t addressed the response to her video yet, but it’s not the first time she’s been accused of cultural appropriation either.

In 2018, she defended her choice to wear braids to the MTV Movie & TV Awards. At the time, she said she understood why people were offended.

“I’m totally respectful of that. I’m not tone deaf to where I don’t get it. I do get it,” she told Bustle. “In no way am I ever trying to disrespect anyone’s culture.”

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