Whoopi Golrdberg stuns social media with outlandish cooking failure: ‘At least you tried’


Whoopi Goldberg is a comedian, an author, a world-famous TV host and an Academy Award-nominated actor.

But Whoopi Goldberg is not, as it turns out, a chef.

The longtime “The View” host shared a TikTok of her attempt at whipping up a home-cooked Italian dinner. Her meal, which was meant to feature garlic bread and a simple bowl of pasta, left social media users both praising the effort and sharing their confusion over how things went so wrong.

Goldberg’s end result, which has been viewed more than 158,000 times, was essentially a plate of extremely oily pasta surrounded by penny-sized chunks of garlic.

Featured in a video series Goldberg calls “Tales of a Bougie “B****,” the clip begins with a concession that the TV star has little to no previous cooking experience.

“I know I said I would never go into the kitchen again, but I am starving,” she tells her followers, later adding that she’s “trying to look like I know how the hell to do this.”

Goldberg starts by cutting garlic, questioning whether or not she’s using too much of the potent ingredient. When she reveals her final product, it’s clear that concern was legitimate.

“This is the meal. I could’ve just chomped on some garlic and been fine,” she says in the clip. “That’s what takeout is for.”

Social media users seemed amused by Goldberg’s attempt, and her playfulness amid her failure. After the actor re-shared her clip to Twitter, several users chimed in with largely supported feedback.

“This was really cute. At least you tried,” one user wrote.

“Dang girl, are you expecting a vampire?” another wrote of the garlic.

“Totally feel you .. cooking ??? Chop what???” another sympathized.

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