‘Queer Eye’ star Bobby Berk is helping fans redecorate their Animal Crossing homes


Amid quarantine, “Queer Eye” interior designer Bobby Berk is continuing to help people redesign and style their homes. Nowadays, though, he isn’t styling actual houses — instead, he’s working with the ones on Animal Crossing.

On April 28, the official “Queer Eye” Twitter account announced that Berk would be offering his “special hiptips” in the game.

“Do you need help making your #AnimalCrossing house a little more shamazing? Well, @bobbyberk is SOO EXCITED to share his interior design expertise with you!” the tweet said.

“Queer Eye” fans wasted no time submitting entries, and Berk wasted no time responding to them.

For the most part, the interior design expert only had wonderful things to say about people’s in-game creations.

“Love it!!” Berk said about one user’s “black-n-yellow’ kitchen.

“You’re doing great love! So warm and cozy!” he told another fan when she shared that she has “constant home design anxiety.”

For people who needed more constructive tips, Berk had some great advice.

When one person asked what to do with all their mismatched furniture, Berk suggested designing around the items that do go together.

When another user asked for help with their kitchen, he suggested putting some cabinets in the middle of the room “to fill the space.”

Here’s hoping that JVN and Tan France start taking requests soon to do Animal Crossing character makeovers.

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