‘Jeopardy’ contestant’s 'half right' answer has social media in stitches: 'This woman was robbed'


On “Jeopardy,” close answers are, unfortunately, still wrong answers. However, in the case of contestant Sarah Jett Rayburn, one close answer was all it took to steal the show and become a viral sensation.

On April 27, defending champion Rayburn competed against fellow trivia geniuses Matt Ribel and Lauren D’Souza. She ultimately ended up successfully defending her title — but that didn’t stop social media users from laughing at her hilarious slip-up during a question in “The Zulus” category.

In a viral clip captured by journalist Kelley L. Carter, Rayburn can be seen answering a prompt about a Zulu holiday named “in honor of this warrior leader of the early 1800s.”

With no time to spare, Rayburn hit the buzzer and gave her answer: Chaka Khan.

Yes, you heard that right: Chaka Khan, the funk singer known for songs like “Ain’t Nobody” and “Through The Fire.” Presumably Rayburn meant to say the correct answer — Shaka Zulu — but under pressure, she slipped up and blurted this out instead.

Though Rayburn obviously lost points for this incorrect answer, she won points on social media where she is now a sensation.

“Everybody in these replies KNOWS it’s hard as hell to start saying ‘Chaka’ and then NOT say ‘Khan’ next. This woman was robbed,” one person said.

“She was half right and isn’t Chaka Kahn ALWAYS the right answer?” another user joked.

Ah, well: At the end of the day, Rayburn walked away a champion, and everyone had a good laugh.

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