How getting a Netflix stand-up special impacted Taylor Tomlinson's career


The power of Netflix is real!

When Taylor Tomlinson's stand-up special, "Quarter-Life Crisis," debuted on the streaming platform earlier this year, the comedian had around 75,000 followers on Instagram.

Now? Tomlinson has 240,000 people following her on Insta and counting — including so many notable and famous people that she can't even keep track of them anymore.

"I mean, Jim Jefferies sent me a nice message, and I've never met him. And that was pretty cool, because I think he's amazing," Tomlinson told In The Know's Gibson Johns during a recent interview. "You realize people start following you, and you're like, 'Why is Olivia Munn following me now? Does she realize who she is? How did she get here?'"

While Tomlinson isn't sure about whether or not Munn is the most famous person who follows her on social media, Munn was the first celeb who popped into her mind because she and her friends couldn't believe it.

"She followed me before the Netflix special came out, so she must have seen a video," Tomlinson said. "My followers grow every day because of the Netflix thing, so I don't keep track of who's following me anymore as easily, but that was one where, when that happened, I sent it to my girlfriends, and we were like, 'What?!'"

"Stuff like that is very cool, and also very strange. And you realize, everyone's a lot more accessible than they used to be, with Instagram and Twitter and all that," she went on. "You can get to your favorite stars now."

As for her following on Instagram tripling in size, Tomlinson said that she definitely feels a bit more pressure to serve up the funny content that all of her new Netflix-driven fans are surely expecting.

"That's why I'm putting out all these podcasts and stuff. I'm like, 'We gotta keep them here,'" she laughed. "Because usually, you'd be on tour, and people would be able to come see you live after discovering you on Netflix, and now they can't, and we don't know when they'll be able to."

For more from Taylor Tomlinson, listen to her full 20-minute interview with In The Know below. You can watch her “Quarter-Life Crisis” special on Netflix and listen to her podcast, “Self-Helpless,” here.

For reference, see below for a timecode breakdown of In The Know’s interview with Taylor Tomlinson:

0:48 – 7:53: Taylor talks about life in quarantine, including keeping up with two podcasts and starting a new series with her relatively new boyfriend.

7:54 – 11:49: Taylor talks about her origins in comedy and her journey to where she is now.

11:50 – 15:22: Taylor talks about kicking off her career on the church circuit before ultimately moving away from it.

15:23 – 20:08: Taylor talks about her Netflix special, “Quarter-Life Crisis,” the reactions from viewers and the effects that it has had on her career.

20:09 – 22:38: Taylor talks about the pressure to churn out endless forms of content as a millennial comedian and how she keeps up with that mentally.

22:39 – 25:44: Taylor talks about famous people reaching out to her or following her on Instagram and where she hopes her career goes from here.

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