Kim Kardashian West sports fringe updo in 1996 prom photo: 'She was another person'

If you didn’t look ugly as hell in your prom photos, ironically or not, I feel mildly sorry for you.

Sure, eschewing the awkward teenage phase has its upsides (namely, forgoing bullying and years of hating your own face), but, ten years later, the priceless throwback photos make the torment seem worth it. Almost.

Some of y’all, however, never had to go through that ringer. And, to no one’s surprise, Kim Kardashian West fits into the elusive social category of “beautiful even as a teen,” as proven by a 1996 photo recently shared by her perfume brand on Instagram.

“Verified Throwback to @krisjenner seeing @kimkardashian off to prom,” KKW captioned the image, which shows the two beaming beauties looking youthful as ever.

Other than 17-year-old Kim’s mildly regrettable fringe updo — hey, it was in at the time! — she looks extremely on point, rocking a bold smokey eye and a shimmery lip.

A ’90s queen.

Naturally, people flocked to comment on the retro image, impressed that neither the reality star nor her momager aged a day in over two decades.

“You are literally aging in reverse,” one user wrote. “Gorgeous!!”

“Omg she was so beautiful, she is beautiful now but back (then) she was another person,” said another.

“Kris hasn’t changed a bit!” noted a third.

In another recent blast from the past, Kardashian West shared a photo of herself in middle school rocking orange streaks in her hair.

“7th grade coolness,” she captured the image.

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7th grade coolness

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Apr 11, 2020 at 11:22am PDT

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