'Bridesmaids' actor shares his at-home Earth Day plans: 'Our little celebration'


Actor Chris O’Dowd has a very specific plan for celebrating the 50th annual Earth Day.

The “Bridesmaids” star, who has also appeared in several U.K.-based TV shows, told the Associated Press that he’d be spending the worldwide holiday in his garden — with a few particularly “earthy” friends.

“We’re lucky enough to have a little garden here, and so I got a bunch of worms,” O’Dowd told the AP. “And so we’ve been feeding the worms for the last week or so, so we’re just going to give them special treats of strawberries today. That will be our little celebration of Earth Day.”

O’Dowd is also starring alongside Meryl Streep in a new, environmentally friendly children’s special for Apple TV Plus. Called “We Are Here,” the animated mini-movie is about a seven-year-old who discovers the “wonders of the planet” after visiting a mysterious museum.

Even though O’Dowd admitted it was an “odd time” to celebrate Earth Day, he told the AP he was glad to spend the day interacting with the environment — however small the scale.

“We painted a bunch of flower pots and I got some plants and got some tomatoes going, but nothing is growing yet,” he said. “Oh, there’s my kids and everybody, all those things out there. So we’ve been kind of doing that, celebrating Earth Day by actually having earth in our hands.”

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