Watch Jenna Bush Hager touch up her roots on-air — with help from her husband!

The salons are closed, the stylists are on lockdown and colorists can't be reached — and all the while, our hair just keeps on growing.

That's why so many people across the globe are taking hair care into their own hands. Our very own Carson Daly did that a couple weeks ago when he picked up the clippers and lopped off his locks.

And on Tuesday morning, Jenna Bush Hager became the latest member of the TODAY family to handle her own hair. The TODAY with Hoda & Jenna co-host learned to DIY her roots, without using any d-y-e at all.

Jenna joined the show via video call and consulted with celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, the very same expert who lent Carson a remote hand with his cut. He promised to help her keep the brown at bay.

"I'm a blonde!" she responded. "Are you calling me a brunette?"

Well, if he was, he wasn't doing it for much longer.

For Jenna's hair, Appleton recommended a temporary fix with a low risk and a high reward — powder color.

With a powder root touch-up product, in multiple shades, and with a little extra help from husband Henry Hager, she freshened up her look by quickly blending in the color with a brush. And getting rid of it will be just as simple — the evidence washes away with the very next shampoo.

But that also means that the process, easy as it is, has to be repeated after that wash, if she wants to keep those roots at bay.

So why bother with a solution that temporary? Because those occasional Zoom meetings may come and go, but a bad dye job lasts until you can get back to the salon — and who knows how long that will be?

Of course, this isn't the first time Jenna has learned about temporary root touch-ups. On Monday, Hoda Kotb shared her secret to perfect hair in the era of social distancing — a root touch-up spray from the brand Oribe.

"It's awesome. You spray it right into the part," she said, holding up one of the slim canisters. "You just shake it, spray it and that's it. … It looks good, and it covers it up (until) you wash your hair."

So there's more than one option out there.