'The Office' fan recreates famous scene in Animal Crossing: 'This is a masterpiece'


It’s no secret that some of us (most of us) have a lot of extra time on our hands during quarantine.

But one social distancing citizen managed to create the most ambitious crossover event in history: Staging scenes from ‘The Office’ in Animal Crossing.

Yes, arguably the two most powerful distractions in quarantine are meshed together in one perfect video. It just took one very bored genius to pioneer this mash-up.

Tony, who goes by @_baoluu on Twitter, shared his masterpiece, captioning it with: “i spent way too much time on this.”

Complete with the whiteboard and paneled walls, the room looks identical to the conference room commonly featured on “The Office.”

Tony then dubbed in the dialogue from the season three episode “The Convict,” where Michael tries to explain that working at Dunder Mifflin is actually less fun than being in jail. It’s also when he breaks out one of his most memorable characters: Prison Mike.

Tony followed every detail from the actual scene — which can be seen playing in the bottom left corner — including Michael pacing around at the beginning and the sporadic zoom-ins on certain characters’ reactions.

Needless to say, the video was met with lots of enthusiasm.

Tony has created other “Office” scenes with super detailed backgrounds.

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