Stanely Tucci's Negroni mixing lesson is the ASMR video we needed

It’s the celebrity “Rule of Threes,” but this time it’s about famous people making drinks or being drunk on Instagram during quarantine.

Ina Garten started the trend with her enormous cosmopolitan at 9:30 a.m., and she was followed closely by Martha Stewart, two glasses of white wine deep, posting an unreadable comment on a post about baby chicks.

Now Stanley Tucci has stepped into the ring with an ASMR “Tucci tutorial” on how to make the perfect Negroni for your wife. (His wife Felicity, by the way, happens to be Emily Blunt’s sister.)

Here’s how to make a Negroni Stanley Tucci style: Set the scene with some smooth jazz — which in this very rare instance doesn’t seem staged or pretentious because it’s Stanley Tucci — and add a “fair amount of ice” into a shaker.

Next, pour a double shot of gin — if you don’t like gin, vodka works too, but Stanley Tucci won’t be as impressed — followed by a shot of sweet vermouth. Finally, a single shot of Campari — from Milan.

Shake it up and put it in a coupe. If you must use a martini glass, that’s also fine. The final step is to garnish it with an orange slice.

Don’t believe this is the perfect way to make a Negroni? Tucci started trending on Twitter after posting the video to his Instagram, where it garnered over 95,000 views in less than 24 hours. The people have spoken!

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