Cristina Cuomo jokes she has a 'wait list of women' who want to date brother-in-law Andrew

Cristina Cuomo understands why her brother-in-law, Andrew Cuomo, is so popular! The New York governor has developed quite a fan base, which includes Chelsea Handler and Jada Pinkett Smith, thanks to his weekly press conferences and CNN interviews with his brother and Cristina's husband, Chris Cuomo.

"I'm really proud of Andrew," Cristina told ET's Nischelle Turner via video chat from her home where she and her husband are quarantined after both testing positive for the coronavirus.

"I have a lot of incoming calls and texts and emails from friends, so I've put together a wait list of women who want to go out with him which is so cute," the Purist founder joked before adding, "He's the Andrew that I've always known and admired and loved. He's providing the leadership that we're lacking so much now. ...We have someone talking straight to us, who is honest and sincere and you know is showing us, is calming us down and giving us all the information in real time and that's what he's been doing. It's amazing."

And while the 62-year-old politician has been adamant that he is not running for a higher office any time soon, Cristina told ET, "[Andrew] would make a great president."

In addition to bragging about her brother-in-law, Cristina has also been open and adamant about following a naturopathic route toward recovery, and shared with ET some of the things that have helped her, both physically and emotionally, during her illness and in everyday life.

Check out the video below for these tips: