Chris Cuomo ends quarantine, reunites with family: 'This is what I've been dreaming of'


Weeks after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and being quarantined in his basement, an elated Chris Cuomo can finally spend time with his family. When Cuomo announced the diagnosis on his show on March 31, he got emotional talking about being separated from his kids. But on Monday night, he had one of his daughters with him when Anderson Cooper checked in near the end of Anderson Cooper 360.

“That is the face that tells the story,” a smiling Cuomo said while pointing at his daughter. “I am now allowed to be around my family.”

But Cuomo also explained that they are still taking precautions.

“We’re still taking it slow. We’re not all hugging up and kissing and all that stuff,” Cuomo said. “But the kids, back in the picture. We’re figuring out our family gesture. We may go like this (makes hand gesture), or something like that. A little air kiss. But this is what I’ve been dreaming weeks for.”

Cuomo also said that his wife, Cristina, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, was now also healthy.

“Cristina was released from quarantine,” Cuomo said. “She never got a fever. Her symptoms are getting better. She handled it so much better than I.”

Later, on Cuomo Prime Time, Cuomo showed a video of what he referred to as his “official re-entry form the basement.”

“This is what I’ve been dreaming of, literally for weeks,” Cuomo said as he joined his family and greeted them without touching like he’d spoken about to Cooper. “This is the dream. Just to be back up here doing normal things.”

Cuomo had some fun earlier in the day, tweeting that an Onion headline saying his family wasn’t going to let him out of the basement was “much closer to accurate than many outlets.” But when he brought Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the show, Cuomo spoke seriously about how the family will now have to recover after both parents had the disease.

“It really rocked us when Cristina got a case. Albeit much more mild than mine, and I think she’s just stronger than I am,” Cuomo said. “But the missus going down took a toll on us. It spooked the kids. And there’s a little bit of a trauma and a recovery process that we’re gonna have to go through, as you see families all having.”

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Watch Chris Cuomo get emotional about his family when announcing his COVID-19 diagnosis:

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