Use the force at your next Zoom meeting with these ‘Star Wars’ Backgrounds has released over a dozen “Star Wars” themed Zoom backgrounds. During coronavirus lockdown, Zoom has become a top choice for video conference calls. Whether it’s with coworkers, family or friends, the video chatting service is one of the few ways to bring groups of people together safely.

According to CNBC, since the pandemic, Zoom app daily downloads are 30 times higher as the same time last year. Since March 18, it has been the top free app for iPhones in the U.S. Daily users have increased to 200 million in March from just 10 million in December. With people making Zoom a part of their lives, it is only natural that individuals will want to add a bit of flair.

Zoom backgrounds allow users to cover up any unwanted visuals, like clutter, family members wandering about their business or disruptive pets. “Star Wars” fans can now use Zoom set against a backdrop of the death star, imperial star destroyer bridge, the millennium falcon and various landscapes from the “Star Wars” universe. All you have to do is save the photos from and upload them into the app.

The “Star Wars” backgrounds appear to be just what some fans wanted, according to Zoom users on Twitter.

“I recorded a Zoom video wearing a Jedi robe with a hood because I didn’t have the energy to wash my hair first,” one person Tweeted.

“Half of my lecture today is my teacher changing his background every five minutes on zoom to different ‘Star Wars’ backgrounds,” another user said.

Some fans, however, just enjoyed the images and wanted to use them for other purposes.

“Oh nevermind the video call backgrounds, these are really great reference images! I’ve been looking for millennium falcon interior photos for ages… Thanks,” another Twitter user said.

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