Jason Derulo posts TikTok of his dog eating cereal with human hands

Singer Jason Derulo posted a new video of his dog Ice on TikTok, where he has amassed a following of 15.2 million. The viral video received 12.3 million views on the platform.

In the short clip, Ice is wearing a red hoodie but Derulo’s arms are tucked into the sleeves so that it appears as though the dog has human hands.

Ice sits on a chair in front of a dining table with a bowl of cornflakes cereal before him. At first, the “Wiggle” singer spoon-feeds the cereal into Ice’s mouth. Then things get a little chaotic. The video cuts to a bowl-less, messy pile of cereal on the table. Derulo raises the corn flakes to the dog’s mouth using his hands. Then, the camera cuts to another clip of Derulo’s hands lifting the reappearing bowl up to Ice’s mouth so that he can drink the milk.

Finally, Derulo grabs a few napkins, dabs the dog’s face and wipes his hands. The entire video is scored to the uproarious laughter of the woman filming it. The ‘Cats’ star also shared the video on Twitter, where it received a ton of comments.

“Oh my goodness. Too funny for words. How do you think of these things to do?” one person wrote.

“TikTok has honestly been the best thing you have discovered so far,” another user said.

Check out Derulo and Ice’s hilarious antics in the video above.

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