Rita Wilson explains how having breast cancer prepared her for coronavirus

Rita Wilson and her husband, Tom Hanks, became two of the early faces of the coronavirus when they announced last month they had contracted the virus. Now, the actress says she is doing well and that her experience with cancer, in a way, prepared her for taking on COVID-19.

"I feel great. I'm back to normal," she told Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager Wednesday on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna. "We are still practicing social distancing because we want to set a good example and also just to calm any fears anybody would have if they were to ever come in contact with us."

Like Hoda, Wilson, 63, is a breast cancer survivor and says that time in her life opened her eyes to the fact no one is immune from the possibility of getting sick.

"Until you have a health crisis, which I did five years ago, and Hoda knows. We both share the disease and recovery of being breast cancer survivors," Wilson said.

"You hear stories, and you think, 'That that happens to someone out there,' and I had said to Tom after having had cancer that I don't think that things happen to other people. They can happen to you, too," she said. "So, I had mentioned that to him. I said, 'You know, we could get coronavirus. There's nothing to say that we shouldn't get it,' and two days later, we were diagnosed positive."

Wilson and Hanks, 63, have both bounced back. In fact, the Oscar-winning actor hosted the remote episode of "Saturday Night Live" last weekend.

Wilson is also using her talents as a rapper to help a good cause. She posted a video last month of her rapping Naughty By Nature's classic song "Hip Hop Hooray." Now, there's a remix of her and the band performing the track with all proceeds going to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Wilson remains awed by the power and endurance of our bodies.

"I thank God every day, literally for my health, and also our human spirit is also amazing — as well as our bodies and just very thankful," she said. "And also thankful for the amazing health care workers and the doctors that are getting us through all of this."