Drumma Boy goes live on Instagram to help bartenders during Coronavirus pandemic


Grammy-award winning producer Drumma Boy is widely known as a sound extraordinaire, but he's also known as a philanthropist back in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. He's spoken of how important it is to give back to your community, and thus it's no surprise that he recently teamed up with Crown Royal for their #GenerosityHour initiative.

#GenerosityHour is an online-only happy hour that raises money for bartenders who have found themselves without work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For every post using the #GenerosityHour hashtag, Crown Royal pledged to donate $1 to bartenders in need through the USBG Bartender Emergency Assistance Fund — up to $200,000.

On Friday, Drumma Boy went Instagram live for #GenerosityHour to raise a glass of whisky, play his endless amount of hits and raise money for bartenders in need -- whom he lovingly refers to as his "sisters and brothers." He personally donated $10K to the USBG Bartender Emergency Assistance Fund to help Crown Royal reach their $200,000 goal, as well.

AOL spoke with the multi-platinum producer about his partnership with Crown Royal, how he's staying creative during quarantine, and more, below:

Why were you inspired to partner with Crown Royal for this initiative?

Drumma Boy: "Crown Royal has always been there for me to start things off. They've been there in very special moments in my life, so as soon as I heard about it I was like, let's get this done! This is something I have to be a part of. Bartenders are like our sisters and brothers. This is how we run the party! We need the DJ, we need the music, and we need the alcohol, and someone's gotta serve it. It's that full teamwork - quarterback, running back, offensive line... everybody has their role. To be able to step up and assist the Bartender Emergency Assistance Fund, donate 10K and try to reach our goal of $200,000 has been amazing. So I want to play some music, some unreleased music, it's a win-win!"

How have you managed to stay creative in quarantine, and what advice do you have for others to do the same?

"It's been great for me. I've been working on so many other people's music, and projects, and this and that. The world having to sit down and have this big cleanse has allowed me to spend more time on me. Cleaning up the house, organizing the house, organizing files, organizing music, organizing projects. Finding sessions I forgot I recorded, finding beats you forgot you made! It's been amazing for me to have everything tuned and tapped in. I'd motivate and recommend that everyone does the same. Get your home together, your backyard, your garage, your files, your taxes. Everyone complains, I don't have time to do my taxes! Well you got the time to do any and everything you need to right now. Spend time with the family. If you're always working and just dropping your kid off at daycare, spend time with your son, spend time with your daughter, your cousin, whatever it is."

What do you think about the ongoing debate around artists and producers battling and performing on Instagram live “for the culture” without profiting off of their performances directly? Do you think they should be able to monetize what they’re doing, or continue to make it free and accessible?

"At the end of the day is this for culture, or for profit? Who cares what platform it's on, it's for the culture. People are bored. At the end of the day, they're gonna become aware of music that they didn't know you did and go buy it. So, it still benefits you as far as music sales and music awareness. It's just a wake up! It's taking people to school. It's, let me give you a lesson right quick - you might not have heard of me. You're 18 years old, you don't know anything about Babyface! You know what I mean? For you to be thinking about the money side, I don't know, I just think it should be for culture, not for profit... people can't afford to pay for that! Right now you're getting 250K viewers. If you make people pay for it, you may only get 5,000 people who can afford to pay $29.99 or whatever it is. Crown Royal is being generous in a time like this. Artists, creators, most of us are being generous in this time. This isn't really the time to say 'hey, give me your money.'"

Are you planning on participating in any one of these IG live producer battles coming up? And is anything else exciting coming down the pipeline for you?

"Absolutely. I did a post "Drumma Boy vs ..." for whoever want it, I would love to participate. It's music awareness... it's a lot of different talk going on, and we DM'd Timbaland as well as Swizz [Beatz]... so hey, again, Tim', Swizz send me my paperwork, let's get it! As far as new music I'm working on everything, executive producing 8Ball & MJG's new album, I have a DJ Khaled type of vibe album I'm working on myself - Drumma Boy and friends. We have a single called "Still Can't Believe It" featuring Derez Deshon and I actually had Scott Storch do some keys on the beat for me, I'm excited about that one! I'm just working on new music all over the place..."

What's your favorite Crown Royal cocktail?

"Crown Apple and ginger on the rocks. Just how it fizzles - it looks like butterscotch. The beat that I make when I take that first sip - magic! It's the potion, for real."