'Property Brothers' stars Drew and Jonathan Scott on Brad Pitt's 'Celebrity IOU' appearance: 'A true gentleman through and through'


In their new HGTV series Celebrity IOU, Drew and Jonathan Scott get hands on with some of Hollywood’s biggest A-listers. While they shared a lot of laughs — “We almost couldn’t film because we were all laughing so hard,” Jonathan says about Melissa McCarthy — they also shared a lot of heart.

“Michael Bublé says he's not a handy guy,” Drew tells Yahoo Entertainment. “But because this is giving back to his grandpa's nurse, the woman who took care of his grandpa for the last six years of his life, he wanted to make sure that he was all hands on transforming this house for her.”

Throughout the series, the brothers help stars from Viola Davis to Rebel Wilson give back to people who have had a deep impact on their lives by surprising them with big home renovations. “All the stories are ... truly amazing and touching. When you watch Celebrity IOU, you will cry guaranteed,” says Drew.

The first episode, which premiered Monday on HGTV, featured Brad Pitt, who surprises his friend and makeup artist by making over her garage. What was Pitt like behind-the-scenes?

“The very first day, Brad met every single person and had a moment with every single person,” Jonathan reveals. “And at the very end … he remembered every single person's name on the crew, the construction crew, the production crew … he was a true gentleman through and through.”

Besides dishing on the celebrity gossip with Yahoo Entertainment, the brothers also shared tips on creative ways to manage life at home amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“There are lots of little things that you can do around the house just by getting creative thinking outside the box,” Drew says. One way Drew is getting creative is by going camping … right at home.

“Growing up … we used to go camping all the time,” Drew says. “So we thought … a cool thing to do is transform one of your spaces into a campground.” Just grab your favorite pillows and blankets and bring the adventure right into your living room.

Another creative idea they have is to repurpose old frames into new ones. It’s easy, according to Drew. “Paint it, sand it down, assemble it.”

The brothers also note that having multiple surfaces for writing and hanging things is important, especially for parents juggling their kids’ school work.

“If you just have an old cardboard box or something that you're able to cut out, you could actually stick them on the back of a piece of art that you have and turn that into a calendar,” Drew explains. “Or you can turn that into somewhere that you can peg some of the kids' artwork or tasks.”

What are the brothers up to when they’re not brainstorming at-home DIY projects? Like many, they’re having virtual game nights along with Zooey Deschanel, Jonathan’s girlfriend, and Linda Phan, Drew’s wife. According to Jonathan, the winner always tends to be Drew.

“I feel like Drew cheats,” Jonathan jokes. “I’m just going to say, why does he always win?”

For more at-home DIY tips, check out the latest issue of Drew and Jonathan Scott’s magazine Reveal.

Celebrity IOU premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on HGTV.

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