Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig filmed an outrageous ‘social distancing soap opera’ with Jimmy Fallon


Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig just turned social distancing into an art form.

The “Saturday Night Live” alums appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on March 8, and in doing so, they invented a new style of TV show: quarantine soap operas.

In a segment reminiscent of a “Days of Our Lives” episodes — or for “SNL” fans, “The Californians” — the pair joined Fallon to act out a plot twist-packed melodrama, all without leaving their homes.

The sketch, called “The Longest Days of Our Lives,” features Fallon as a baffled blonde husband, Wiig as his cheating spouse and Will Ferrell as, well, a few obviously different characters.

It’s an emotional ride complete with dramatic musical queues, shocking reveals and even a few face slaps. Most impressively of all, it was all done over video chat.

The comedians even manage to make light of their current situation, all while trying their best to stay in character.

“How could you?” Fallon’s character remarks after discovering Wiig has had an affair. “I mean, how could you? We’re all social distancing. Was it through, like, Skype or something?”

The clip comes as late night shows have continued to stay running in one form or another, despite the hosts being forced to film from inside their homes. Fallon has been filming from his house (which has its own slide!), while “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert has addressed fans from his bathtub, among other absurd locations.

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