Fans are divided over photos of Drake’s 'disgustingly gaudy' mansion: 'On another level'


Drake is sparking a wave of online reactions — from jealously positive to sneeringly negative — after showing off the inside of his extravagant Toronto mansion.

The 50,000-square-foot home, which is featured in Architectural Digest’s May cover story, includes a regulation-sized basketball court, a black granite-coated swimming pool and a “hall of sports jerseys” featuring the uniforms of some of the greatest athletes of all time.

By Drake’s own admission, the house is something to marvel at. He’s even used it as a filming location for several of his music videos, including his newly released single, “Tootsie Slide.”

Once fans got a full look inside the place, they had plenty of thoughts to share about the mansion, which also features a 3,200-square-foot bedroom with a one-ton bed. Many shared their awe on Twitter, along with several photos of their favorite rooms.

“Drake’s house is on another level,” one user wrote.

“This is the most impeccably designed house I’ve ever seen,” another added.

Meanwhile, others were far more negative, saying the house was “tacky” or overly lavish.

“Ofc he lives in a disgustingly gaudy and stylistically incoherent mansion!!” one user wrote.

“Drake’s mansion doesn’t have a single green or living thing in the whole place, put the entire thing in the trash lol,” another added.

“Imagining walking down these stairs at 11pm to get a handful of Cheez-Its from the kitchen,” another joked, referencing the rapper’s incredibly ornate staircase.

Drake, meanwhile told Architectural Digest that the house’s high-end feel was part of an intentional part of the design. The 33-year-old rapper, who started designing the home when he was 27, said he wanted the place to feel “monumental.”

“Because I was building it in my hometown, I wanted the structure to stand firm for 100 years. I wanted it to have a monumental scale and feel,” Drake told Architectural Digest. “It will be one of the things I leave behind, so it had to be timeless and strong.”

For more photos of the mansion, check out the cover story, or Drake’s Instagram, where he shared several images from the magazine.

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