Serena Williams hilariously reacts to unexpected alligator encounter

Serena Williams is fearless on the tennis court, but when she’s walking around her Florida neighborhood, she prefers to play it safe.

The legendary athlete took to her Instagram story to hilariously recount her unexpected encounter with an alligator.

Williams said she was strolling through her neighborhood when she noticed one of the massive reptiles floating in the water.

“I’m not trying to get too close, because I’ll be the first to go. I ain’t trying to go out like that,” she said in the video. “I’m far away, too, because they’re fast, and right now, I’m not running at my fastest.”

Williams maintained a safe distance from the creature, cracking a timely joke about the space between them.

“He’s social distancing! I know that’s right. You stay six feet,” she said.

She zoomed in closer and mused aloud if the alligator was actually a “rock formation,” but moments later, it began to move.

“Oh Lord, have mercy. Look at that. Hecks to the no. Oh lord. Oh no. That’s a gator I tell you. That’s a gator. I see a gator and that gator, he ain’t gonna get me,” she said as her camera started to shake.

Williams then signed off to put more “social distance” between herself and the alligator.

“Y’all stay safe,” she said. “I’m scared — I’m out of here.”

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