Max Greenfield is homeschooling his daughter and it’s not going well


Like many other parents, “New Girl” star Max Greenfield has been forced to homeschool his 11-year-old daughter Lilly until things go back to normal. However, while some parents have taken to being temporary teachers, it doesn’t look like things are going too smoothly at the Greenfield household.

For the past few weeks, Greenfield has been posting photos and videos to Instagram, highlighting his homeschooling skills — or really, his lack thereof. And though Greenfield is the de facto teacher, the real star of the show is Lilly, who never misses an opportunity to sass her father.

Case in point: A few weeks ago, Greenfield went live on Instagram and attempted to read “The Birchback House” for an assignment. Not long after, he posted a photo to his Instagram, revealing that Lilly had messaged her teacher privately and told her that her dad was “having trouble reading the [book].”

“My daughter sent this message to her teachers today!” Greenfield wrote. “Just in case you were wondering what bottom looks like. #homeschool”

A few days later, Lilly once again roasted her father’s homeschooling skills when he tried to crack a joke.

“How long does it take one person to type Massachusetts?” he jokingly asked his daughter after watching her on the computer for a while.

“Hey dad — I need your s*** like I need a hole in the head,” she retorted. Ouch.

At this point, Greenfield’s wife chimed in and asked whether it was time for her to take over. (Thankfully, Max is still in charge for the time being and giving us plenty of entertaining updates.)

<p>Credit: Instagram</p>

Credit: Instagram

Throughout their homeschooling journey, suffice it to say that Lilly hasn’t been shy about sharing how she feels. In past videos, she’s told her dad that he has “a dog s*** [singing] voice” and has roasted his “own school experience,” which, according to her, involved a lot of “puff puff puff” and “glug glug glug.”

In the comments, many of Greenfield’s celebrity friends have expressed their amusement.

“Straight cackling,” Emily Osment commented on one video. “Shameless” star Steve Howey joked that he’s “starting to look forward to these.” Olivia Munn, meanwhile, simply commented “bahahaha,” while fellow “New Girl” star Jake Johnson wrote “HAHAHAHAHAH.”

Greenfield has been sharing homeschooling updates semi-regularly on his Instagram, so feel free to follow him there for more quality Lilly content.

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