Pink details 3-year-old son's 'scary' coronavirus symptoms: 'He had the worst of It'


Pink is opening up about how COVID-19 was a painful ordeal for her and her young son, Jameson.

Days after revealing that she and her 3-year-old son had recovered after testing positive for the coronavirus, the songstress sat down with author Jen Pastiloff for an Instagram Live interview on Sunday and opened up about their tearful battle with the ailment.

"There were many nights when I cried," Pink shared. "I’ve never prayed more in my life."

The "Beautiful Trauma" songstress also reflected on the various rumors and speculation that have been circulating about the coronavirus, including the suggestion that children aren't as badly affected by it and won't show symptoms -- which has since proven false.

"It’s funny, at one point, I heard myself saying, ‘I thought they promised our kids would be OK,'" she shared. "But it’s not guaranteed. There is no one that is safe from this.”

Pink went on to say that Jameson got "the worst of it" while the two were sick together and that he's had a hard time dealing with the painful affliction.

"He’s been really, really sick. It’s been really, really scary. It’s been really up and down, and I’ve been on Nebulizers for the first time in 30 years," Pink shared, referring to her own pre-existing asthma condition. "That’s been really scary for me."

"I’ve kept a journal of his symptoms for the past three weeks and mine as well. He still, three weeks later, has a 100 temperature. It’s been a rollercoaster for both of us," she said, adding that her husband, Carey Hart, and their 8-year-old daughter, Willow, "Have been perfectly fine."

The singer announced her diagnosis in an Instagram post on Friday, sharing a photo with her and Jameson.

"Two weeks ago my three-year old son, Jameson, and I are were showing symptoms of COVID-19," Pink captioned the pic. "Fortunately, our primary care physician had access to tests and I tested positive. My family was already sheltering at home and we continued to do so for the last two weeks following the instruction of our doctor. Just a few days ago we were re-tested and are now thankfully negative."

"It is an absolute travesty and failure of our government to not make testing more widely accessible," she continued. "This illness is serious and real. People need to know that the illness affects the young and old, healthy and unhealthy, rich and poor, and we must make testing free and more widely accessible to protect our children, our families, our friends and our communities."

Pink joins Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Sara Bareilles, Laura Bell Bundy and many others in her announcement that she contracted the COVID-19 virus during the ongoing global pandemic.

Many others have shared accounts of family members and friends who have fallen ill or died from the virus, in an attempt to raise awareness to help slow the outbreak.

See more coverage on the pandemic in the video below.

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