Alexis Neiers recreates 'iconic' 'Pretty Wild' scene: 'I'm speechless'

“Nancy Jo, this is Alexis Neiers calling.”

This was the first line uttered by “Pretty Wild” star Alexis Neiers — now Haines — during one of the most iconic phone conversations in reality television history. And now, nearly a decade later, Haines has gifted us with a recreation of this interaction to keep us entertained during quarantine.

On March 31, Haines uploaded a video to TikTok. In the caption, she joked, “I spent way too much time on this. It better break the internet.”

For “Pretty Wild” and “Bling Ring” fans, this video was an absolute treat. Not only does Haines reprise her role as her younger self, but so does her mother Andrea Arlington-Dunn, who donned her iconic Juicy suit.

In the comments, fans thanked Haines for the welcomed distraction.

“One of the most iconic scenes in reality TV HISTORY,” one person wrote. “And the fact that your mom is wearing the SAME outfit?!! I’m speechless.”

“You’re so iconic, my 8-year-old self is LIVING FOR THIS VIDEO,” another user added.

Back in January, Haines and Nancy Jo Sales (the recipient of Haines’ phone call 10 years ago) got into it on Twitter. Nancy Jo claims that Alexis can’t move past the drama, while Alexis claims that Nancy Jo is “trying to stay relevant.”

The Nancy Jo/Alexis feud will forever be pretty wild.

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