Logan Paul draws criticism for his unusual birthday plea

Logan Paul says he has two regrets in life, and one is a major furniture purchase.

The YouTube star, who is no stranger to controversy, is facing backlash over his desperate plea for fans to purchase a pair of luxury couches he bought for $90,000.

He confirmed in his Instagram Stories that the listing on the Los Angeles Craigslist page for a “Mercedes Benz Sofa – Unique Crescent Shape – $20000” was his.

Credit: Craigslist

“As we redesign our home, it no longer fits in,” the listing says. “This couch can comfortably sit over 10 people and its unique crescent shape allows it to be configured in either a circle or an ‘S’ design.”

Paul’s social media posts about the furniture take on a more negative tone.

“So my birthday is in two days and all I want is for someone, anyone, to buy these f****** couches from me, please — they’re $90,000 total,” Paul said in an Instagram Story post, which has since disappeared. “I’m selling them for like 10 to 20 percent of what I bought them for so please, if you want to give me a birthday gift, buy my couches.”

Paul says he knows the purchase wasn’t his best moment.

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“Look. I know spending $90,000 on a couch is f****** STUPID. It’s one of two regrets in my life, but that’s not important right now,” he wrote. “What’s important is YOU and YOUR new couch, supplied by me.”

Twitter users had thoughts on Paul’s latest antics — particularly his comment about the couches being one of his biggest regrets.

“If regret #2 is what I think it is, he’s really running the gamut on what’s regrettable,” user marissasayswhat wrote.

Others had questions about his sales tactics.

“Somehow … telling someone you regret buying a thing doesn’t sound like a good pitch for selling that thing,” user KMKTweetsNow said.

Here’s hoping Paul learns an important lesson about regrets — and sales — regardless of what happens with his couches.

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