TikToker transforms his dad into a ‘Ratatouille’ character

Joe Mele is making the absolute most of his time indoors with his family.

The TikToker has been recording videos with his dad, Frank Mele, for a while, tackling all the latest viral trends.

One fan pointed out that the new special guest star in Joe's short videos bears an uncanny resemblance to Anton Ego, the animated food critic from the Dinsey-Pixar film, “Ratatouille.”

Credit: TikTok/Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

“I printed out the picture and showed my parents and they were like, oh my goodness, it looks like him exactly,” Joe told BuzzFeed.

In the video, a reluctant Frank transforms into the cartoon character by putting on an all-black outfit with a scarf, slicking his hair back, putting on black eye shadow and donning a pair of glasses.

“Don’t touch me,” the disgruntled dad says at one point.

Frank was on board with the transformation the whole time, Joe told BuzzFeed.

“He actually came up with the idea of the eye makeup and gelling his hair and the outfit,” he said.

Joe told BuzzFeed he’s been focused on creating videos about “inside things” while social distancing. He said he wants to make people laugh during this “scary time.”

He’s certainly succeeded — the viral TikTok now has more than 10 million likes, and thousands of enthusiastic comments.

“He is actually his twin though,” user thegambler16 wrote.

“Please make him judge our food,” actor Pierson Fodé chimed in.

There are currently no plans for a live-action “Ratatouille” remake, but if there ever were, we know who to cast in at least one role.

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