Savannah Guthrie reunites with Hoda Kotb to host the 'Today' show in the studio

Savannah Guthrie is back in Studio 1A! During Tuesday's episode of the Today show, Guthrie made her return to 30 Rock to host the morning show alongside Hoda Kotb, but made sure she was six-feet away from her colleague.

Prior to Tuesday's episode, Guthrie had been co-hosting the show from home for almost two weeks as she self-quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"This is Studio 1A! I haven't been here in awhile," Guthrie, 48, exclaimed at the top of the episode.

"I was going to say, so many things are not normal and in this moment, right now as I'm looking at you, something finally is," Kotb gushed in response. "It's good to see your face."

"It feels good to be in the same room," Guthrie agreed, before lamenting that she and Kotb had to stay six-feet apart in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

"I wish we were closer like we used to snuggle up, but we're practicing our social distancing," she said. "It's good to be back in the studio."

Guthrie celebrated her return on Instagram by posting a sweet selfie with Kotb. "Reunited!!! ❤️❤️❤️," she captioned the pic.

The reunion comes nearly a week after Kotb broke down in tears after an interview with NFL pro Drew Brees about his charitable donation to aide in the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the emotional moment below: