That viral ‘Imagine’ video just got parodied with a hilarious horror film version


Celebrities, take a seat.

While certainly well-intentioned, a recent viral video of famous people singing an off-key rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” was more cringeworthy than charitable. It was, unfortunately, a bleak reminder of just how (literally) tone-deaf celebrities can sometimes be.

And yet: All yings have yangs, and for Twitter user Austin Harris, the ensuing backlash and groans sparked an idea.

“I was so inspired by those celebrities singing ‘Imagine’ that I asked some friends to come together to perform Toni Collette’s ‘I am your mother’ monologue from Hereditary,” Harris wrote, referencing the 2018 horror flick.

Harris, a development assistant in Los Angeles, is a horror film buff who already has his own award-winning short film under his belt. To create the now-viral compilation, he recruited friends — many of whom also work in the entertainment industry — from across the country.

Within just 48 hours, the video had already racked up 1.4 million views and is on track to hit 100,000 likes. Among the noted fans is film studio A24, which produced “Hereditary,” “Let’s imagine together,” the account tweeted, wryly adding, “Sing with us.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the monologue, you’ll quickly learn that it’s simply ripe with emotion. And while the original “Imagine” video featured no shortage of talented actors, from Zoë Kravitz to Jamie Dornan, the up-and-comers in Harris’ masterpiece were markedly more able to deliver.

In fact, voicing full-throated approval for the performances was film critic aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, which retweeted the video and asserted: “All of them were robbed of their Oscars: ALL OF THEM!”

No word yet from Toni Colette, but we’ll all be quarantined for quite awhile, so she still has ample time to respond. Come on, Toni. Give us something to live for.

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