Seth Rogen discovers ‘hilarious’ Amazon Alexa feature: 'You're doing God's work'


Now that the world is on lockdown, even celebrities are struggling to stay entertained. Thankfully, comedian Seth Rogen has come across an Amazon Alexa skill that is keeping both him and his fans amused.

On March 26, Rogen shared his discovery with his 8.3 million Twitter followers.

“I don’t necessarily trust my Alexa to not eavesdrop on me and sell my secrets to advertisers, but I think I just found what I’m gonna be doing for the next few weeks,” he wrote.

In the video that accompanies the tweet, Rogen can be heard asking his Alexa to fart.

The speaker lets out a little toot and replies, “That was a tiny one. I have another one brewing. Do you want to hear it?”

“Yes,” Rogen replies. Then, silence.

“That was a silent one,” Alexa finally says. “Try asking me for a difficult fart or say ‘random,'” she instructs.

“Could I hear a difficult fart?” Rogen asks.

“Here comes a difficult fart,” Alexa responds. What follows is what can only be described as, well, a difficult fart.

As the video continues on, Alexa offers to let out a “random fart” and a “cheek-wobbling fart.” (Unfortunately, Rogen ends the video before we can find out what exactly a cheek-wobbling fart is.)

Apparently, the app that Rogen is using in his video is called Big Fart. "Our toddlers live for it," one Twitter user said.

And it’s not just kids who seem to be enjoying the app. On Twitter, adults are also living for Rogen’s video and discovery.

“This is the most hilarious s*** ever,” one person wrote.

“You’re doing God’s work Seth,” another user joked.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to go find an Alexa and figure out what exactly a cheek-wobbling fart is.

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