One-hit-wonder announces unusual promise on Twitter: 'Thought I'd do you all a favour'

It’s easy to forget that celebrities are also practicing social distancing too.

Many artists — including John Legend, Chris Martin, Pink, Shawn Mendes, and everyone involved in Gal Gadot’s “Imagine” montage — have been putting on free live concerts through Instagram.

But there is one performer who promises to do the opposite, and that is James Blunt.

James Blunt is famously responsible for 2004’s “You’re Beautiful” and even jokes about being a one-hit-wonder in his Twitter bio: “Proof that one song is all you need.”

At some point after “You’re Beautiful” played nonstop on every radio station, people began to hate Blunt and let him know it via Twitter, which he welcomed with open arms.

Instead of changing the narrative or blocking accounts, Blunt has fully embraced his position in the pop culture lexicon.

At least we can all be grateful that we won’t have “You’re Beautiful” stuck in our heads while in quarantine.

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